The Thilawa Special Economic Zone


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Current Situation of Resettlement

Current Situation of Resettlement

Currently, the resettlement and relocation for the Thilawa SEZ Zone A project has been accomplished; however, the Income Restoration Program of the PAPs of the Zone A is being undertaken, forums with the major stakeholders are regularly held and improvements of the relocation area are regularly made as per the complaints/suggestions from the forums. 

The size of Thilawa SEZ Zone A area is around 400 hactares and there were 81 project affected households out of which;

  • 65 households live inside the Class A project area (that is the first-phased development area having the size of 396.062 hactors),
  • 5 households farm inside the Class A project area but live outside the Class A area (within the whole SEZ project area), and
  • 11 households farm inside the Class A area but live not only outside the Class A area but also outside the SEZ project area.

The Thilawa SEZ Zone B will soon be developed so that the relocation and resettlement plan is being drafted by taking some weaknesses in the first relocation and resettlement process as lessons.