The Thilawa Special Economic Zone


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There are various tax exemptions availabel to investors and the developer in the Thilawa SEZ. As laid out in the 2014 Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law, business in both Free Zone and Promotion Zone receive income tax (corporate tax) exemptions for the first 7 or 5 years respectively. After these periods, the exemption remains at 50 percent for another 5 years. Following this, it is still possible for an extension of the 50 percent tax exemptions. 

In addition, investors in the Thilawa SEZ are exempted from customs duties and other taxes for the capital goods they import. The Free Zone investors are exempted from customs duties and commercial tax even for the imports of raw materials. These exemptions allow firms to keep both their administrative and construction costs low.

There are various other advantages for investors in Thilawa, including the ability to lease the land for up to 75 years (50 years with option for a 25 year extension), tax deductions for the training of staff or research and development, and exemptions from commercial taxes as well. These are all put in place to make Thilawa a place where investors can do business as easily and profitably as possible. Further details on these exemptions are available in the 2014 Myanmar Special Economic Zones Law.

For investors, what is more important than tax exemptions is to have a favorable investment climate. It is the most attractive incentive for them these days. The Thilawa SEZ Management Committee and its One Stop Service Center are dedicated to ensure that a favorable, predictable and friendly investment climate for investors.