The Thilawa Special Economic Zone


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Physical Advantage

Physical Advantage of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone

Unlike other industrial zones around Yangon, all necessary infrastructures for investors are made available in the Thilawa SEZ. Once the location in the Thilawa SEZ is confirmed and the investment permit is issued, electricity, telecommunications including the Internet access, and purified water supply will be connected. Services for liquid waste, solid waste and industrial waste management are also readily availabe. 

International logistic centers are also located in the Thilawa SEZ that make investors easy for domestic and internatioanl logistic arrangements, imports and exports. 

As one of the main ports is just next to the Thilawa SEZ, transpotation time of cargos for exports and imports can tremendously be shortened. As the airport is located at around 30 kilometers away from the Thilawa SEZ, it is convenient for investors traveling frequently and also for the transportation of air cargos. 

The commercial and residential area is also located in the Thilawa SEZ. In that area, villas and condominiums, office and residential apartments, banks, shopping centers, medical center, school, recreation centers, green areas and workers' dormitories are located. Hence, investors and workers find it easily accessible to everything inside the Thilawa SEZ.