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VISA and Immigration

Visa and Immigration

Foreign investors, foreign employees and their family members need to acquire business visas before entering Myanmar. There are three ways to apply for a business visa. It can be applied at the Myanmar Embassies of respective countries, and alternatively it can be applied online ( or at the airport on arrival.

If a business visa holder plans to stay longer, a multiple special re-entry visa needs to be applied at the One Stop Service Center of the Thilawa SEZ. At the time when the multiple special re-entry visa is applied, stay permit needs to be applied simultaneously. For the first applicants, six-month multiple special re-entry visa (with the stay permit for the same period) can be issued. Starting from the second application, twelve-month multiple special re-entry visa (with the stay permit for the same period) can be issued.

Entry VISA related to foreign business persons is summarized as follows.

Foreign employees for short stay (less than 90 days)

Business VISA:

This visa is given to applicants from business organizations which have business establishments in Myanmar or an applicant who intends to establish business in Myanmar. The visa is valid for three months from the date of issue with 70 days stay. The Business Visa is also issued to the foreign employees and their family members.



VISA on Arrival

VISA on Arrival is issued at the Myanmar International Airport, to those residing abroad where there are no Myanmar embassies, or to those who have had no time to obtain an Entry Visa at the Myanmar embassies.

Foreign employees for long stay (more than 90 days)



Stay Permit:

Stay Permit is given to a foreigner who is planning to stay in Myanmar more than 90 days. The applicant shall apply stay permit after entering to Myanmar by Business VISA allowed to stay 70 days. Stay Permit can be extended.



Re-Entry VISA

If a foreigner is obliged to leave for foreign countries on official or personal business during the period of permitted stay, the foreigner shall apply Re-Entry VISA. There are two types of Re-Entry VISA, i.e., Multiple Journey Special Re-Entry VISA (MJSRV) which allows multi entries and Single Re-Entry VISA (SRV) which allows only single entry. 

An Investor which obtained the Investment Permit issued by Thilawa Special Economic Zone Management Committee may receive following services on VISA and Immigration through the Immigration Section of OSSC of the Thilawa Special Economic Zone for their foreign employees and family members of them.

  1. Stay Permit
  2. Foreign Registration Certificate (FRC) 
  3. Multiple Journey Special Re-entry VISA (MJSRV)/Single Re-entry VISA (SRV)

The foreign employees who may apply for Stay Permit/ FRC/MJSRV/SRV to the Immigration Section of OSSC Thilawa Special Economic Zone are;

  • Foreign employees and their family who are confirmed their employment by the representative of the investor.
  • Foreign employees and their family who belong to the group companies of the Investor such as Head Quarter or other branch offices/factories located in both Myanmar and overseas, if they are confirmed by the representative of the Investor to work in the Investor’s factory/company aiming to support their business operation and their family members.  

         It should be noted that the employees and their families planning to stay more than 90 days shall apply for stay permit and foreign registration certificate (FRC).

In the case of applying VISA on Arrival, an Investor (the employer) should send an invitation letter together with a copy of company’s registration certificate to its foreign employee and/or his/her family members who will apply for such visa at the airport. When they enter Myanmar, that letter and a copy of company’s registration certificate need to be presented at the Visa-on-Arrival Counter at the airport. Then a business visa will be issued. On-arrival visa (for business purpose) is valid for 90 days.

The Investors also may receive various kinds of consultation services such as VISA on Arrival and procedure for VISA application in an overseas Myanmar’s diplomatic office from the Immigration Section of OSSC.  

The detailed procedures can be downloaded from the following link.