The Thilawa Special Economic Zone


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Overall Procedures

Flow chart of Overall Procedures


  1. Day means working (business) day.
  2. Sub-Lease Agreement shall be concluded within 4 months after conclusion of the Reservation Agreement.
  3. A copy of company registration certificate is required to open a bank account at bank. The Investor is required to remit the minimum paid-up capital amount stipulated in the Section No.10 of the Notification No.81/2014 dated on 1st October 2014 within 30days from the date of Investment Approval. Then, the remaining amount of total paid-up capital shall be remitted within six (6) months. The copy of remittance notice shall be submitted to the Thilawa SEZMC as soon after completion of remittance.
  4. Same day if submitted before noon . Next day if submitted after noon.
  5. Ditto.
  6. Based on the evaluation results of ECPP, either IEE (Initial Environmental Examination) or EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) will be additionally required for the business which may cause environmental burden. It is estimated that about 3month period is required for conducting IEE, while 6month period is required for EIA.
  7. Project Information Sheet shall be submitted to the Construction Unit of OSSC within seven (7) days after the commencement of construction of building (factory).
  8. Intermediate Inspection shall be done by three (3) times; namely Intermediate Inspection at the stage of i) Foundation Work, ii) Structure Framing Work, and iii) Roofing Work. The Investor shall submit the application form to the Construction Section of OSSC at least seven(7) days prior to the scheduled inspection date which is decided based on the Project Information Sheet.
  9. Same as the Intermediate Inspections, The Investor shall submit the application form to the Construction Section of OSSC at least 7 days prior to the scheduled inspection date.
  10. Environmental Inspection is principally done at 4months after the commencement of construction. The second construction shall be done before the commencement of commercial operation. In parallel with the inspection, the Investor shall prepare and submit the Monitoring Report to the SEZ Management Committee.
  11. Taking 20 days to issue the Confirmation Letter for Completion Certificate for Construction.