The Thilawa Special Economic Zone


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Simplified and Practical Procedures

Simplified and Practical Procedures

Application for any services that range from application for investment permit to application for company registration, import/export declaration, tax registration, multiple-entry visa, stay permit, etc., can be made to the Front Office of the One Stop Service Center. Investors are not required to contact or go to any other government organizations or ministries. Any approval, permits and services required by any investor can be acquired from the One Stop Service Center. It is just as simple as that. 

For respective approvals, permits, and other services required by investors, all the information (related to application procedures, documents required, timing and fees) are transparently mentioned in the "Standard Operational Procedures: Investors' Handbook" that can be downloaded from this website. 

Online application for some services are also available so that investors do not even need to come to the One Stop Service Center to acquire these services. Necessary payments can also be made online via the e-Commerce system. 

Being an investor in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, you will feel the "difference". More importantly, you will feel "special".